Education on the farm

Our farm is registered at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment and has acquired the permit for carrying out supplementary activities in agriculture (education and tourism) on a farm. Within the framework of registered supplementary activities we carry out workshops and lectures during the year.

Open hours for guests differ, depending on the works being carried out on the farm and on other activities, reservations are possible by prior appointment.

It is, of course, possible for guests to discover and to take part in various farm activities. If so desired, we can explain and demonstrate the difference between conventional and biodynamic beekeeping. In the observation beehive you can observe the marvelous and mysterious world of bees, you can make your own candle from beeswax. We can also explain the difference between the conventional, organic and biodynamic food production. We can demonstrate the steam distillation process of the Mediterranean plants through which essential oils and floral water/hydrosol are obtained: rosemary hydrosol, lavandula hydrosol, bay laurel hydrosol and helichrysum italicum − immortelle hydrosol.

In the herb garden you can pick the medicinal herbs and make yourselves tea, you can cook food on open fire as well.

For breakfast you can spoil yourselves with treasures from the beehive: acacia honey, flower honey, rosemary honey, bee pollen, honey in virgin comb and homemade figs, plum and cherry jam.

You yourselves can pick the fruits from the trees and vegetables from the garden. We also offer goat cheese and cow's cheese, milk, eggs, pickled culinary delights, juices and wines from biodynamic production certified by Demeter, which we acquire from neighboring organic and biodynamic farms.

Through application of principles and methods of biodynamic farming, we contribute to biodiversity and sustainable soil fertility, therefore you can admire an abundant flora and fauna, kids have an opportunity to explore and observe animals in their natural habitats; the mysterious world of bees in the observation hive, bat houses, bumblebee hives/nests, bird nests, birds and roe deer in the forest clearing. Our garden houses hedgehogs, frogs, ladybugs, butterflies, bumblebees, etc.

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